Double Balloon Enteroscopy

DBE (Double Balloon Enteroscopy) is a small intestine examination technique. After sedation, DBE is performed, and enterosocpe is administered through the mouth or anal route. An overtube is passed over the scope for deep intubation of the small intestine.

Sign of Double Balloon Enteroscopy:-

GI bleed of presumed small intestine origin. Stricture in the small intestine is assessed. Small intestine tumour. Review of the small intestine of a Crohn’s disease. Patient Biopsies can be obtained from suspected areas during a double balloon. enteroscopy, and endotherapy for bleeding lesions can be performed.

Capsule Endoscopy

Capsule Endoscopy is a painless procedure that does not require sedation. For capsule endoscopy, the patient swallows a small capsule with an inbuilt camera that captures and sends photographs of the small intestine to an external data recorder, where they are later analysed for small intestine evaluation. If a small intestine stricture is suspected, the capsule should not be used. Furthermore, tissue from diseased areas cannot be collected, and endotherapy cannot be performed. It is not necessary to recover the capsule since it is passed out later in the stool.

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