Liver Biopsy & Fibroscan

Biopsy and fibroscan :-

A small piece of liver is collected for microscopic examination during a liver biopsy for the diagnosis of various liver ailments.

Circumstances that necessitate a liver biopsy:-
Unknown cause of elevated liver enzymes Wilson disease, chronic hepatitis B and C, autoimmune hepatitis, and staging.

Liver lesions are sampled:-

A liver biopsy is a relatively painless operation. In one out of every 50,000 procedures, a serious complication will occur.

Fibroscan is a scan that detects fibrosis:-

Fibroscan is a new technology for assessing the severity of liver disease. It is a safe examination that is conducted by placing a probe on the surface of the upper abdomen, and it has no side effects. Fibroscan is replacing liver biopsy for evaluating the seriousness of liver disease.

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