Endoscopic Ultrasonography

EUS is ultrasound of inside structures encompassing the GI parcel with the assistance of an endoscope. EUS gives brilliant goal of pancreas, biliary framework and the mediastinum.
EUS is performed by oral course after cognizant sedation.
During EUS, test can be taken from the hubs in mediastinum, tumor of pancreas and bile pipe. With the assistance of endoscopic ultrasound different assortments can be depleted inside in the stomach or rectum and the significant medical procedures can be evaded.

Indications of EUS are:-

Sampling of chest and abdominal nodes, adrenal gland
Evaluation of dilated CBD without known cause
Sampling of mass in pancreas or CBD
Drainage of perirectal and peripancreatic collection
Celiac plexus block for pain relief in patients with chronic pancreatitis
Celiac plexus neurolysis for pain relief in patients with pancreatic cancer
Stent placement in CBD or liver in case of failed ERCP

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